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How it works

Finally a place where you can gain the recognition you deserve. Getting involved on Swag -Nation is really easy with just a few clicks you will be on your way to becoming the star that you are.

Below is a quick step by step guide to how Swag-Nation works!


1) Setup a FREE account & create a ‘Swag page’

Accounts are 100% free


2) Pimp-out your ‘Swag Page ‘profile

Introduce yourself to Africa & the world by sharing information about your talent, uploading photos, music or video that best describe your talent

Become the shining star

3) Promote your talent , gain recognition, get discovered !

Using the tools provided along with Twitter, Facebook and other social tools, promote your talent and push your Swag Profile to the top of Swag-Nation.

Features In The Pipeline (launching soon)


Swag Mula

Soon we will be introducing our very own virtual currency Swag Mula. Along side providing you with way to spend your Mula we will also be offering you tonnes of ways to earn more mula by participating more on Swag Nation.You will be able to use your Mula to push your Swag Profile to the top of Swag-Nation and gain exposure.


Swag Nation Contests

We will be running regular and sometimes sponsored online contests. Our contests are geared towards giving ‘Fresh Unknown’ talent the opportunity to expose themselves. Winners will gain more than just respect & exposure they will also walk away with ‘Mega Sponsored Prizes’.

Get Discovered, Get Famous!

You are the next big name to explode across Africa. All you need is a platform to show your talent and gain recognition.Join Swag Nation today and in just a few clicks you will be part of a group of young talented individuals rising to the top across the continent. Prepare for the greatest performance of your life! This is your swag nation.

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